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Our hotels & villas

UNITY brands resonate because we are not into cookie cutter experiences. Each hotel is unique but is always underpinned by the UNITY brand characteristics and hallmarks. We operate a number of sub brands under the UNITY umbrella. In addition, UNITY is entrusted with the management of a portfolio of independent hotels under our “Managed by Hotels” solution.

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    UNITY Casa

    A hotel which is formal enough to hold your meeting, stylish enough to hang out with colleagues and cosy enough to have a bit of R&R.

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    UNITY East

    An upscale four-star hotel where meeting is fun, dining is an experience and sleeping is heaven

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    Managed By Hotels

    Collection of hotels in our community that showcasing their own unique characters.

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    UNITY Villas

    We are planning to take you to some fine places, exotic  locations, and off the beaten track experience